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We guarantee effective and aggressive investigative techniques. Our reputation and history of successful results speaks for itself.

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Often, more than one area of expertise is required. With us, you receive full scale and comprehensive investigations, including additional consultation and court appearance when needed. We can advocate for you.

Variety Of Services

We offer many services, including but not limited to: AOE/COE and surveillance investigations, criminal investigations, background checks, and people searches.



  • Obtain detailed recorded statements from the claimant, supervisor, co-workers and witnesses.
  • Obtain a signed medical records release form.
  • Obtain pertinent documentation/personnel records.
  • Conduct Scene Investigation including photographs and/or video.
  • Determine if subrogation is a factor in the alleged incident/injury.

Surveillance & Activity Checks:

Surveillance (Sub-rosa): An unbiased, discreet and continuous observation of a person and his/her surroundings in an effort to obtain information regarding his/her activities and abilities. Activity Checks are great for gathering pre-surveillance information in order to maximize surveillance efforts without wasting time.

  • Detailed report with time line of the claimant’s activities.
  • DVD containing the surveillance footage.
  • Digital link for instantaneous viewing for authorized persons.


Determine if a third party may be responsible for an accident/injury to the claimant in question. 

  • Securing recorded/written statements.
  • Photographs/video and documentation.
  • Assist in the possible recovery of funds from the responsible third party.

Scene Investigation:

Recreate a visual understanding of the locations of incidents and/or any equipment or items related to the incident in question.

  • Apply to various types of investigations.
  • Provide photographic or video taped evidence.

Background Searches:

  • Background Checks-Public Records
  • Database Searches
  • DMV-Driver and vehicle records
  • Civil Claims-statewide or countrywide search of claims filed against, or on behalf of the claimant in question
  • Criminal convictions
  • Civil-bankruptcy, liens or judgments
  • Asset Searches-Includes real estate, boats, recreational vehicles and employment
  • Locate/Verifications-Including verification of individual's given name, address, phone numbers, date of birth and social security numbers.

Social Media Searches:

Used to identify patterns, evaluate character, determine claimant’s status from their vantage point and helpful with Surveillance, Background and AOE/COE investigations.

  • Scan FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular Social Media Sites.

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